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Monthly Fruit Plan - Supersize

Monthly Fruit Plan - Supersize


Subscribe Supersize Monthly Fruit Plan

This fruit assortment includes 18 types of seasonal fresh fruit, total 90-120 pieces.

13 types of fruit will be included every week:

Fuji Apple/ Sunkist Orange/Dragon Fruit/ Hosui Pear/ Banana(bunch)/Mango/ Plum

Pear香梨/Kiwi/Red Grapes/Green Grapes/Ourin Apple/Del Monte Pineapple

We will include different seasonal fruit every week, please see the Full Fruit List to see what fruit you may receive.

Within your monthly subscription, you will receive fruit assortment 4 times a month.

  • Delivery Time

    Monday or Wednesday (8:00-18:00)

    If the delivery date is a public holiday, the delivery arrangement will be postponed by one day.

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