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  • 月購計劃時什麼意思?
  • 為什麼要選用 Thegiftnmart?
    Thegiftnmart 一直抱著以人為本的理念,在訂立所有的產品方案時都會先以客戶角度出發,令每個方案都能訂立一個合理的市場價格及更具彈性。
  • 是否每日都能安排送貨?
    我們現時為月購計劃的客户提供逢星期一及星期三的送貨選擇。 (如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排則順延一日。) 如客人有需要其他送貨日子送貨,需與我們客戶團隊聯絡。
  • 如何購買月購計劃?
    我們網站現時提供單次(只限月購水果計劃)、一個月、三個月及六個月的訂購模式。我們接受以下的信用卡作網上一次性支付: Visa, 萬事達卡, 美國運通卡。如需其他付款安排,例如是特別定制計劃付款、自動續訂付款等,請與我們客戶團隊聯絡。
  • 我可否要求每月續訂而不作一次性付款?
  • 如果於訂購期間因為公司或私人原因未能收取某一次月購計劃之產品,之後能夠補回嗎?
  • 能夠退貨或退款嗎?
    由於我們的產品大多是新鮮/易腐產品,所以客人收取產品時需即時驗收,確保產品完好及簽收。如客人收貨24小時內發現產品品質出現問題,請跟我們客戶團隊聯絡,如跟進後確認責任屬於thegiftnmart, 我們絕對願意收回產品及補送,或按照客人的付款方式退款。(有關退款一般要需時3至14天不等,有關運作取決於銀行、信用卡或PayPal公司。) *任何不合理的要求,我們公司都不予受理,如有任何爭議,Thegiftnmart將保留最終決定權。
  • 我想要可以選擇標準月花計劃的花或其顏色嗎?
  • 我可以自訂月花計劃內容嗎?
  • 可以跟據我喜歡的花材設計成一個月花計劃嗎?
  • 我可以選擇我想要的花或顏色嗎?
  • 我可以選擇我喜歡的水果種類嗎?
  • 我可以自訂月果計劃內容嗎?
  • 我可以選擇月果計劃內的水果嗎?
    Thegiftnmart會根據客户選擇的計劃及其計劃所包括的水果款式,每週送上指定和時令水果。客户是不能更改水果款式。 *各計劃所包括的水果款式會列明於水果列表上,詳細內容請參閱水果列表。
  • 可以跟據我喜歡的水果及預算設計成一個月果計劃嗎?
  • What is Monthly Subscription?
    Monthly Subscription is a fresh fruit and flowers delivery service on a monthly basis. You can sign up for a one/three/six months subscription and enjoy yummy fruits and stunning blooms once a week, 4 times a month. The longer you subscribe with us, the more you save.
  • Why Thegiftnmart?
    We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers. We put the need of our customers as our first priority, all products and services are prepared, delivered and cared for by our team who will ensure we are meeting with your needs in both aesthetic and financial targets in flexible way.
  • Can I require a specific delivery time?
    Products of both Monthly Fruit Subscription and Monthly Blooms Subscription will be delivered every Monday and Wednesday. (If the delivery date is a public holiday, the delivery arrangement will be postponed by one day.)
  • How do I purchase your service?
    You can sign up for one time trial(for Monthly fruit subscription only), one month/three months/ six months subscription directly through our website. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express for online One-Off Purchase. Please contact us for custom made plan payment or auto-renewing payment.
  • Can I pay monthly for my three/six months subscription instead of one-off payment?
    Sure, please contact our team for further instruction.
  • Can I skip a delivery and re-arrange an alternative delivery date?
    Sure, please contact us at least 7 days before your original delivery date. We will arrange a delivery for you later.
  • Can I request return or refund?
    It is important to remember that most of our products are natural goods and perishable, we require customers to check the items upon receipt and any dissatisfaction with the products must be communicated to our Customer Service within 24 hours of delivery. Thegiftnmart reserves the right to request photos or images of the original product. In case of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision. If you are entitled to a refund or a replacement as a result of the defect, we will replace the products or refund the purchase price, using the original method of payment. (Refund times will depend on the credit or debit card company’s policies, but will normally take place within 3 to 14 days.)
  • Can I choose what flowers or colors I want for the standard monthly blooms subscription?
    All flowers and its color from the standard monthly blooms subscription are arranged and matched by our team. You are welcome to let us know if there are any flowers you prefer.
  • Can I have a bespoke Monthly Flowers Plan?
    We are glad to work with you and to ensure to meet your needs of both aesthetic and financial targets. Please contact our team and start to co-creating the flowers that you have been wanting!
  • Can I choose what fruit I want for the monthly fruit subscription?
    Thegiftnmart will arrange the fruit assortment according to your chosen plan and its listed fruits, the fruit can not be changed by customers. *The fruits that you may receive from your plan are listed here.
  • Can I have a bespoke Monthly Flowers Plan?
    We are glad to work with you and to ensure to meet your needs of both aesthetic and financial targets. Please contact our team and start to co-creating the healthy fruit plan that you have been wanting!
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